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Professor  R-T Wu

President & Chief Science Officer 

AcaHealth Biotech & Pharma company

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical College

Master of Food Chemistry, Kyushu University, Japan

Doctor of Life Pharmacy, University of Tokyo, Japan

Professor, Institute of Microbiology & Immunology, National  Yang-Ming Medical College.

Professor, Institute of Biopharmaceutical Science, National  Yang-Ming University. 

Director,  Research Center for Drug Discovery,  National  Yang-Ming University.

Emeritus Professor,  National  Yang-Ming University.

Chair Professor, Institute of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science, Fu Jen Catholic University.

Committee Member of Pharmaceutical Affairs Council, Pharmaceutical Affairs Division, ROC.                             

Committee Member of Laboratory Animal Affairs Council, National Laboratory Animal Center, ROC.

Committee Member of Clinical Affairs Council, Traditional Chinese Medicine Affairs Division, ROC.                     

Committee Member of  Technic Affairs Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs,  Executive Yuan, ROC.                  

Committee Member of of Intellectual property office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Executive Yuan, ROC.       

Committee Member of Council for Biotechnical Industry Promotion Affairs,  Taipei City Government,  ROC.

Committee Member of Council  for  International Conference on Harmonization In Taiwan.                                 

Committee Member of Council for National Projects in Biotechnology and drug development, NSC, ROC.

Council Member of Association Technology Managers in Taiwan.                                                                                 

Executive Committee Member of Biotechnology Affair, US-Taiwan Business Council.                                             

Executive Director of Section for Botanical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biotechnology Education

Center, Advanced Biotechnology Educational Program, Ministry of Education, ROC.                                               

Vice president, Taiwan-Russia Association for Scientific, Technological and Cultural Exchange and  Industry-Academia collaboration

Board member of New Taipei City Biotechnology Alliance.

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